At Gerber, the safety of our products – and the infants and children who consume them – are Gerber’s top priorities.  A recent media report has raised concerns about trace levels of arsenic found in juices, including Gerber apple juice.
Our quality systems include extensive testing of ingredients and finished products to assure quality and compliance to demanding specifications. Our products are manufactured under highly controlled conditions, satisfying government standards for safety and wholesomeness. We assure you that all Gerber products are safe to consume.
In addition, we followed-up on the media concern by testing the same product lot in three separate laboratories. All of our test results, which included those from two independent laboratories, confirmed the levels were significantly lower than those reported, and all results were within the range of safe drinking water as set by the EPA.
Gerber’s results  are supported by additional testing from the FDA. The FDA tested Gerber product samples from the same manufacturing lot and confirmed our product is safe and within acceptable ranges.
Ingredients used in foods and beverages may contain trace amounts of various substances that naturally occur in the environment. Trace substances, such as arsenic, are found in low levels and pose no health risk.
At Gerber, we are committed to helping parents raise happy, healthy babies, and have been since 1928. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our Gerber Parents Resource Center at 1-800-4-GERBER, anytime, day or night, or visit the Gerber Newsroom at

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