An Important Message From Gerber

At Gerber, babies are our highest priority. Parents can rest assured our products are healthy and safe.

The standards we have in place for the safety and quality of our baby foods are industry-leading, and among the strictest in not just the U.S., but the world. We meet the standards of the FDA, but we don’t stop there. We meet or exceed all existing government requirements, and where they don’t currently exist, we have established our own high standards based on the latest food safety guidance.Gerber foods receive thorough oversight at all levels of the growing and the production process.

Heavy metals occur naturally in the soil and water in which crops are grown. As stated in our 2019 response to the Congressional Inquiry, we take many steps to minimize their presence. We prioritize growing locations based on climate and soil composition. We approve fields before crops are planted based on soil testing. We rotate crops according to best available science. Throughout the process we test produce, water, ingredients and our foods to ensure we are delivering on our promise to deliver high-quality and tasty baby food. From farm to highchair, we go through over 100 quality checks for every jar.

We remain fully committed to being industry leaders in providing safe, quality nutrition for babies. As a member of the Baby Food Council, we have been working together with other industry members, the Environmental Defense Fund, Healthy Babies Bright Futures and Cornell University in the identification of best agricultural practices and creating a voluntary industry standard to reduce heavy metal levels in baby foods to the lowest levels possible.  In addition, we will provide our full support and expertise to FDA as they develop science-based regulation.   

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