Statement on NESTLÉ® GOOD START® Formula and Perchlorate

At Nestlé Nutrition, the quality and safety of our products is our highest priority. Nestlé Nutrition has a rich tradition of helping moms feed their babies with high quality, safe products and we are committed to maintaining that trust. We also work hard to provide as much information as possible to parents and valued customers.
We are aware of recent media reports concerning perchlorate and powdered infant formula.
All NESTLÉ® GOOD START® infant formula products meet FDA standards for quality and safety. All of our Nestlé NESTLÉ® GOOD START® infant formula products are safe and compliant with regulations.
As part of the manufacturing process of NESTLÉ® GOOD START® formulas, we start with water that meets all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards for drinking water. We then further treat the water through processes that achieve a higher degree of purity.
We encourage consumers to contact us immediately if they have question or concerns around specific products. Parents with questions can contact the START HEALTHY, STAY HEALTHY™ Resource Center, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, toll free at 1-800-727-4900. Additionally, consumers can contact the International Formula Council at 404-252-3663.

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