Statement on GERBER® Graduates Banana Puffs Complaint

Statement on GERBER® Graduates Banana Puffs Complaint

Gerber was contacted by a consumer in Texas who reported finding an unexpected object – that appeared like a white pill – in one canister of GERBER® Graduates Banana Flavored Puffs. The mother informed us that the object was not consumed by the child and the child was not harmed. While we are still conducting a complete investigation, based upon the facts we have and call records we log from parents, this is an isolated incident and a highly unusual circumstance for our foods.

Baby’s safety and nutrition is our number one priority. To ensure our foods are as safe as they are wholesome, we have extremely strict safety protocols and hygienic practices followed by our staff. When it comes to GERBER® Graduates Banana Flavored Puffs, the safety of our snacks is achieved in ensuring that:

  • Puffs are made in a hygienic facility on a dedicated baby food line.
  • Workers put on special uniforms with no pockets above their waist. Any food or medicines are forbidden on the factory floor.
  • Before being filled with puffs, the canister packaging is inverted and rinsed with pressurized air so each package is hygienic and clean before the puffs are placed in the package.
  • We then check 100% of packages using detectors and sensors to identify any materials or large particles, including hard objects like metal, plastic and glass. When a container is rejected, we identify the particles and take immediate action to protect our products.
  • Finally, canisters are triple sealed for freshness and safety before heading out to stores and homes. Our seals include foil, a plastic cap and then a full package seal wrap.

We take great care of every food and every package for baby. If parents or caregivers have any questions or concerns, we encourage them to contact us immediately at 1-800-4-GERBER. We treat every consumer call seriously and investigate product concerns thoroughly.




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