Memo from Baby Zane - Gerber needs a new Chief Growing Officer!

Please join us in raising a sippy cup to 1-year-old Zane Kahin, who has completed a successful tenure as the first-ever Chief Growing Officer of Gerber. Over the past year, this little grow-getter has had the Gerber Executive Team wrapped around his chubby little finger as he rolled, crawled and wobbled alongside our team toward building a healthier future for babies everywhere. Not even two years old and he’s already accomplished so much – he’s destined to do big things!

Erin Kahin, Zane’s mother, calls Zane a “little comedian” who “cracks himself up and even wakes up laughing.” Needless to say, he’s been an amazing Spokesbaby during his time as Chief Growing Officer, inspiring joy in fans everywhere.

Zane’s most beloved duty as CGO involved taste testing solid foods for the first time — Gerber® 1st Foods® Butternut Squash, Gerber® 2nd Foods® Pumpkin purees, and now the Gerber® Fruit & Yogurt Very Berry Toddler Pouches® are among his favorite dishes. However, a taste for the good life wasn’t the only thing Zane developed while serving as CGO. He also learned how to crawl, stand, and he celebrated his first birthday during his illustrious career.

According to Erin, Zane will spend the first part of retirement doing what he loves best—dancing, playing with blocks, and bonding with the family dogs. While this corporate cutie will be greatly missed here at Gerber, we see nothing but big things in his future as he continues to grow and thrive. Although he is hanging up his CGO Onesies® bodysuit, Zane will always be a Gerber baby.

It won’t be easy to fill Zane’s tiny, yet formidable, shoes. But rest assured, we are diligently searching for our next Chief Growing Officer and Spokesbaby. Zane’s hope is for his successor to bring even more happiness to parents and babies across the country.


The Gerber Executive Team

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