Meet the Newest Member of the Gerber Family! Gerber® Good Start® Infant Formula

(FLORHAM PARK, New Jersey) – February 1, 2010 – A child’s nutrition journey begins at birth, and for more than 80 years, GERBER has been part of that journey helping parents raise happy, healthy babies.  Now, Gerber is pleased to introduce GOOD START® formula as the newest member of the GERBER family of early childhood nutrition products.  

“When it comes to childhood nutrition, GERBER is the name moms know and trust,” says Rick Jentis, head of infant formula and cereal marketing at Nestlé Nutrition.  “Our commitment to science-based innovation and our portfolio of quality products has really established us as a leader in nutrition, health and wellness.  Now we are proud to offer parents GOOD START® infant formula under the GERBER brand.  Nestlé believes that breastfeeding is best and provides ideal nutrition for infants.  So whether a mom chooses to breastfeed or formula feed, GERBER now offers a comprehensive nutrition system from birth to 48 months.”

Nestlé believes that GOOD START formula provides mothers, who cannot or who choose not to breastfeed, a healthy breastmilk alternative with unique features from the GERBER brand she knows and trusts.

Exclusive COMFORT PROTEINS® Ease Digestion

The GERBER® GOOD START brand now replaces NESTLÉ® GOOD START® nationwide.  GOOD START formulas are – and have always been – the only routine milk-based infant formula to offer partially hydrolyzed 100% whey protein – what GERBER calls COMFORT PROTEINS® – in the U.S.  COMFORT PROTEINS® result from a unique two-step process exclusive to GOOD START formula, and are designed to be gentle on a baby’s tummy.  The process begins with 100% whey protein, the highest-quality protein available in infant formula.
Clinical evidence has shown that formula made with partially hydrolyzed 100% whey protein empties from babies' tummies faster than other routine formulas, which may help reduce the potential for spitting up.

Probiotics for a Healthy Immune System
GERBER® GOOD START® PROTECT PLUS® formulas were the first infant formulas with BIFIDUS BL™ — beneficial cultures like those found in breastmilk to help support a baby’s healthy immune system.  Scientific research has shown that these beneficial cultures can help support babies’ healthy immune systems in many ways, including increasing levels of key antibodies, and helping to support the natural protective barrier in the digestive tract — where 70% of the body's immune system is found.  

Product Line
GOOD START offers both milk-based and soy-based formulas and is available nationwide in six varieties, including:
  • GERBER® GOOD START® Gentle PLUS™ Formula
  • GERBER® GOOD START® Protect PLUS® Formula
  • GERBER® GOOD START® 2 Gentle PLUS™ Formula
  • GERBER® GOOD START® 2 Protect PLUS® Formula
  • GERBER® GOOD START® 2 Soy PLUS™ Formula
About Nestlé Nutrition and Gerber
Nestlé Nutrition, part of Nestlé S.A., the world leader in nutrition, health and wellness is dedicated to infant nutrition, healthcare nutrition, and performance nutrition and weight management. Gerber Products Company, founded in 1928, officially joined the Nestlé family on September 1, 2007. Nestlé and Gerber’s combined resources and scientific research expertise have enabled the company to become a worldwide leader in early childhood nutrition. Gerber produces more than 200 food products, all of which are a part of Nestlé’s proprietary Start Healthy, Stay Healthy™ integrated nutrition system. Start Healthy, Stay Healthy™ combines products, educational resources and services that are designed to encourage the early establishment of healthy eating habits in children from birth to preschool.

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