Gerber Offers Breakthrough Infant Formula for Excessive Crying and Colic
(FLORHAM PARK, NJ) – Gerber Products Company, part of the Nestlé family, announced today a scientific breakthrough with the introduction of Gerber® Good Start® Soothe formula, the first and only routine infant formula with the probiotic L. reuteri. L. reuteri has been clinically shown to reduce crying time by 50 percent in colicky breastfed infants.[1] Gerber® Good Start® Soothe formula is designed to reduce excessive crying and colic in healthy infants.
“The probiotic L. reuteri is an effective probiotic that has been shown to help balance the good and bad bacteria in an infant’s gastrointestinal system. This imbalance at times can cause discomfort that may lead to colic,” said Bryan S. Vartabedian, M.D., a pediatric gastroenterologist at Texas Children’s Hospital, author and expert on colic. “This is very encouraging news for parents who have babies with colic.”
What is colic?
“Anyone who has experienced a crying baby with colic will understand the significance of this innovation,” said Jose M. Saavedra, M.D., FAAP, Medical Director, Gerber Products Company. “Now we can offer parents a solution for excessive crying and colic in a formula that meets the nutritional needs of babies.”
Nearly 30 percent of infants experience colic, which is most often characterized as excessive bouts of crying in otherwise healthy infants. Gerber® Good Start® Soothe formula offers a new solution for parents who have chosen to formula feed. The probiotic L. reuteri has been clinically shown to reduce crying time by up to 50 percent in colicky breastfed infants supplemented with L. reuteri, with the effect seen as early as one week.1
Gerber plans to launch Gerber® Soothe Colic Relief Dropswith L. reuteri later this year. This probiotic supplement will join Gerber® Good Start® Soothe formula to offer parents more options to help provide relief to babies with excessive crying and colic.
“Gerber will provide colic relief options for both breastfeeding and formula feeding moms with our Gerber® Good Start® Soothe infant formula and Gerber® Soothe Colic Relief Drops, both with L. reuteri,” said Rick Klauser, Head of Marketing, Nestlé Infant Nutrition. “Ultimately, as a leader in early childhood nutrition, Gerber’s goal is to offer parents innovative feeding solutions for their babies.” 
The introduction of Gerber® Soothe Colic Relief Drops is part of an agreement between Nestlé/Gerber and BioGaia, a Swedish innovative healthcare company specializing in probiotics. The arrangement allows Gerber to exclusively distribute these probiotic drops in the United States.
Comfort Proteins and Low Lactose
Gerber® Good Start® Soothe formula features the Comfort Proteins® Advantage, which makes it easy for babies to digest. Additionally, Gerber® Good Start® Soothe formula has a carbohydrate blend with 30 percent lactose for fussiness and gas in infants with lactose intolerance.
Gerber milk-based formulas are available nationwide in three varieties:
  • Gerber® Good Start®Soothe Formula
    • Specially designed to reduce excessive crying and colic with L. reuteri, a probiotic clinically shown to reduce crying time in colicky breastfed infants.1
  • Gerber® Good Start®Protect Formula
    • Has the probiotic B. lactis to help strengthen a healthy immune system.
  • Gerber® Good Start®Gentle Formula
    • Nutrition inspired by breastmilk.
For more information on Gerber and Good Start®, visit or call the Gerber Parents Resource Center 1-800-284-9488.
Like Gerber® Good Start® Soothe formula, all Gerber® Good Start® milk-based formulas are the first routine infant formulas made with 100 percent whey protein that has been partially hydrolyzed. In contrast, most other routine milk-based formulas are made with intact cow’s milk proteins.  Gerber® Good Start® uses a unique two-step process that starts with gentle 100 percent whey protein, which is then broken down (partially hydrolyzed) into smaller pieces, so that it’s easy for babies to digest.  
Understanding Probiotics
The word “probiotic” literally means “for life.” The World Health Organization describes probiotics as beneficial microorganisms that—when consumed in adequate amounts—provide health benefits. These benefits vary depending on the type of probiotic that’s used, and range from aiding digestion to supporting a healthy immune system.
Everyone’s digestive tracts, including babies’, naturally contain many different types of good and bad bacteria. Many of these are important to help keep our bodies healthy. Consuming beneficial probiotics is one way to encourage a favorable balance of the cultures in the digestive tract.
In particular, the probiotic L. reuteri, has been clinically shown in randomized controlled clinical trials to help reduce crying in colicky infants.1 In March 2012, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) completed their review of the generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status of L. reuteri for use in infant formula from birth.[2]
Gerber was founded in 1928 in Fremont, Michigan. Gerber Products Company joined the Nestlé family on September 1, 2007. Gerber Products Company is committed to being a leader in early childhood nutrition.
As part of that commitment, Gerber® Start Healthy, Stay Healthy™ recommends starting with breastfeeding, as breastmilk is ideal for babies. The Start Healthy, Stay Healthy™ nutrition system provides education, support and services regarding developmentally appropriate feeding choices for babies.
All trademarks are owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., Vevey, Switzerland.

[1] Savino F et al. Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17 938 in infantile colic: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Pediatrics. 2010;126:e526-e533.
[2] FDA GRAS Notification. March, 26, 2012.

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