Gerber ® Finger Foods are Safe, Wholesome and Nutritional Food Options for Baby

At Gerber, we place the health and well-being of babies above all else.  We are aware of a recent study on finger foods out of the Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New York. 

Parents carefully consider every bite that goes into baby's mouth and so does Gerber.  Our entire team dedicates itself to ensuring all our foods meet our rigorous safety and quality standards.

Gerber products feature a helpful milestone symbol on packages that guides parents to the foods their child may be ready for based on developmental milestones rather than age.  We use milestones such as “Crawler” and “Toddler” on products rather than age because research has shown that children develop feeding skills at different rates and over a range of time.  Utilizing different textures, shapes and sizes we design our products to match the emerging physical and eating skills typical of babies at the various developmental stages. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) also suggests offering a selection of flavors, sizes, shapes, colors and textures to babies in the period between 8 and 12 months. 

Our finger foods including the Gerber® Graduates® Fruit Pick-Ups ™,  Gerber® Graduates® Puffs, Gerber® Graduates® Yogurt Melts®, Gerber® Graduates® Fruit & Veggie Melts® Snack and Gerber® Graduates® Wagon Wheels®, fall within our “Crawler” milestone. Children in the crawler stage may be ready for these foods if they demonstrate certain physical signs and eating skills, such as crawling with the stomach of the floor and beginning to use the jaw to mash food.

Our team of internal and external experts evaluates and tests our foods so that mom and dad can be assured that baby is getting safe, wholesome and nutritional options. If parents have any questions, we encourage them to call us day or night, at our Parent Resource Center (1-800-487-7763) or visit

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