At Gerber, the health and nutrition of babies is our priority. We want to reassure parents that our foods are safe for baby. Throughout our 90-year history, we have set safety and quality standards that are industry-leading and among the strictest in not just the U.S., but the world.

Heavy metals are naturally found in water and soil and can become a part of certain fruits, vegetables and grains as they grow. This is true whether a parent buys them in the grocery store or at their local farmer’s market. Gerber takes many steps to reduce the levels of heavy metals in our foods including  selecting growing locations based on  soil composition, testing soil and water before growing, planting and harvesting at the right times of the year, testing ingredients before they are made into foods, and regularly testing finished products to ensure we are delivering on our promise to deliver high-quality and safe baby food.  We remain committed to reducing the levels of heavy metals in our foods to as low as possible.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with our nation’s leaders and the FDA  in the important mission of making the  food supply even safer for infants and young children.  Our collaborative efforts to further reduce the levels of heavy metals is already underway as evidenced by our being a founding member of the Baby Food Council. We believe strong standards are good for babies, parents and our industry. 

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