An Important Message for the Gerber Community on COVID-19

As the world faces a time of great uncertainty, we want to reassure you that there is currently adequate supply of infant formula in the United States. As a partner for both parents and healthcare professionals, we know our products play a vital role in a family’s life. We are here to help navigate the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and ensure families can access our nutritional formulas, foods and beverages as the nation’s response evolves. 

We are aware of some temporary out-of-stock situations at retail stores and online retailers. We understand the concern parents feel when they see empty shelves. We are providing more formula, food and beverages to retailers so that they can restock their shelves as soon as possible. We have increased production of our baby formulas, beverages and foods and are operating seven days a week to quickly fill retail orders as they’re received so we can help stores maintain their stocks.

If you have trouble locating Gerber formula, food or beverages at your local store, we encourage you to ask the store manager where these products can be found in-store, and when more stock is expected to arrive. Or, you can try to obtain our formulas, beverages and foods from an online retailer who may have more stock.

We are aware of rumors claiming that Gerber is giving away free formula in response to the out of stocks. While this is not true, we are committed to our goal of supporting babies and families with dependable, affordable nutrition, and you can find information about discounts by visiting

As always, we’re here for you 24-7. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-844-796-5723.

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