A Note to Moms and Dads About Baby Food Labels

A Note to Moms and Dads About Baby Food Labels

Gerber Moms and Dads,

The labeling of baby food products has created some buzz in the media lately.  As parents, we understand these kinds of stories are concerning and important, so we want to share with you the approach Gerber takes in labeling our products in order to put you at ease.   

We take careful measures to ensure the quality of the products your baby eats, and how we label them is no exception. Gerber is committed to clear and transparent ingredient labeling.  For example, if one of our fruit or vegetable packages lists apple as the first ingredient on the front, you’ll also see apple as first in the ingredient list on the back. Ingredients are always shown in the ingredient list in order of ‘amount’ on every one of our fruit and vegetable purees.

To make it simple for you to see what’s inside our baby food, the amounts of the main ingredients are clearly listed right on the top of our package in a way that’s visual and easy to understand.  You can find it now on our 2nd Foods® fruits and veggies, and our 3rd Foods® Lil’Bits™ recipes sold in plastic tubs, and over the next year we are putting these recipe equations on all of our pureed baby foods.   The above image is an example of how the top of our 2nd Foods Apple Blueberry looks today.

Just like when you cook at home, we use common or descriptive names such as Lasagna with Meat Sauce, or Pears & Cinnamon with Oatmeal, for our dinners and cereal recipes.  If you want to know more about how we make this recipe, the ingredients are listed in order on the back of the package as well.  

Your baby’s nutrition is our number one priority.  All of our recipes are created to ensure the right balance between taste, texture, and nutrition.  Specific ingredients are there for a reason.  You’ll see apple juice listed in our tomato sauce to balance the acidity, and pear juice in some of our cereals to ensure grains don’t become too thick for your baby to swallow.

We take great pride in our recipes, and we are honored when parents like you chose Gerber to feed your baby.  If you have any additional questions on food labeling, please give us a call at 1-800-4-GERBER. We’re here 24/7.   

Your Friends at Gerber 

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